Covenant Harvest Church wants to be more than just a place where you spend a couple of hours a week.  We want to assist in the equiping, encouragement, and empowerment of our most precious gifts...YOU!  There is a ministry available for everyone to help them reach their highest potential in Christ.
Men Of God (M.O.G)

The MOG is designed to help men become more godly men and help them take their rightful places in the family and in society. The MOG accomplishes this through teaching characteristics of a leader, being obedient to God's command, thinking logically, and developing a servant's heart. Men also need men to hold them accountable and to challenge them to be better fathers and biblically healthier husbands.  We also desire the opportunity to communicate through relationships that Jesus is real, approachable, and trustworthy; to prepare them as men to grow into discovering and accepting their unique roles as they become faithful and committed participants in the total family ministry. 

Women In Christ (W.I.C.)

The WIC was created to empower women with the tools for success in every area of life by applying the word of God through daily bible study, prayer, meditation and application(Joshua 1:8)

Our purpose as a Proverbs 31 Woman is to embrace and understand our Purpose as we are renewing our minds daily, which will help us see our Potential always knowing that God keeps his Promises .  Women In Christ mentor women through practical bible principles which illuminate our paths to our destiny and calling found in Proverbs 31:10-31

Generation Destiny Youth Ministry

Generation Destiny is here to help transform the lives of our children and to serve Jesus as we welcome our little ones in His name. It is accomplished by serving the little ones, challenging our children into becoming devoted followers of Jesus Christ and showing them Love of God through the body of Christ. This includes Challenging teens and every young adult to grow in their faith by grasping the love of God and imparting within the hearts of children from infant to pre-teen the eternal Word of God. We want to serve the parents, by giving them opportunity to worship with the freedom of knowing that your children are being well–cared for. The ministry disciples through biblically based and reality conscious teaching which helps develop character, respect and integrity in the children.

Proverbs 31 Girls Ministry

In order for our girls to grow up and be successful women in Christ, we must instill the values of the Bible and it is clear in Proverbs 31 what God wants a woman to be.

Considerate - Always looking out for others
Hard Working - Always doing her best
Responsible - Always sharing in the work
Worry Free - Always trusting God with her future
Physically Fit - Always taking care of her body
Christian - Always putting Christ first in all things
Wise - Always speaking truth, wisdom, and affirmations
Philanthropic - Always concerned for and helping less fortunate.
Self Confident - Always showing self respect and pride with humility.
Entrepreneurial Minded - Always being a good steward of
given gifts and talents

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Relationship Ministry

The Relationship Ministry is what Covenant Harvest Church is all about.  We want each individual to feel welcome in our services and let them know that we miss them when they are not there.  We also want to make ourselves available to spend time with you and pray for you when you are in need.

It is our "relationship" with Jesus that makes Christianity more than a religion and it is our relationships with each other that makes coming together more than just a duty.  We understand that it is important to not only come to hear the Word of God, but to experience the concept of "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself". 
Counseling Ministry

Life happens to everyone and there are times when it is important to be able to just talk to someone who cares.  No matter what the age, people experience rough spots and Covenant Harvest Church is here to help you through those trying times.

Whether you need marriage, family, or individual counseling, we are here to listen and provide feedback that will help you break the chains that have you bound.  Solid biblical principles and prayer can do miraculous things in your life and we consider it a priviledge to be available to you.
Outreach Ministry

The Great Commission is the instruction that Jesus gave us to share the Good News of His resurrection with all nations.  We at Covenant Harvest Church realize the importance of touching each individual life that enters our doors, but we also understand that it is our responsibility to reach out beyond our walls and use every resource God provides to us to spread the Good News.

It is our vision to reach out to the community through media sources such as radio, TV, internet, and other media sources.